The Client

BCJ Group is a multifaceted company operating in various sectors including trade services (plumbing, electrical, building, landscaping, and HVAC), property management, event hosting (weddings and milestone celebrations), respite for carers, and mobile alcoholic beverage trucks.

The Objective

BCJ Group approached us with the need for a complete company restructure and a comprehensive branding and marketing strategy.

Their aim was to transform into a multifaceted entity poised to become an industry leader.

This project encompassed all services offered by JRoc Digital.

The Challenge

BCJ Group faced significant challenges as they had no brand identity, no website, and were venturing into unknown territory.

Despite these hurdles, they had a clear goal: to create a multifaceted entity that would lead the industry.

The Solution

Using our “foundation-up” approach, we delivered a complete transformation for BCJ Group. Our solutions included:

  • Brand Identity: We developed a cohesive and scalable brand identity, creating a modern logo and visual elements that represented their diverse services.
  • Website Development: We designed and built a comprehensive, user-friendly website that showcased their multifaceted offerings and provided a seamless user experience.
  • Marketing Strategy: We crafted a strategic marketing plan to enhance their online presence, optimize their SEO, and engage their target audience across multiple digital platforms.
  • Social Media Strategy: We implemented a robust social media strategy, including content creation and management, to build brand awareness and engage with their audience.
  • Brand Collateral: We created a full suite of brand collateral, including business cards, brochures, and promotional materials, to ensure consistent brand messaging across all touchpoints.
  • Branded Merchandise: We designed and produced branded merchandise to promote their new identity and services.
  • Commercial Asset Management: We provided asset management services to streamline their operations and improve efficiency.


Website traffic increase


social media growth


bounce rate reduction


brand awareness